A downloadable Survive This for Windows

This is very alpha game play, In short you start out on a timer and must find the escape area as quick as possible to end the game.

With that said we also have a playground with water, a beach ball, some physics cubes, guns, a few vehicles and a heli to play around with.

More features soon. Feel free to play around. Primarly hosted to share with friends for input.

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Published 243 days ago
TagsFirst-Person, FPS, Survival


SurviveThisAlphaV001.zip (39 MB)


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its a cool survivel game

Just did a major update, first functionality of the game play actually working. check out the description above.

How does multiplayer work

it uses unet to to connect to each other. so you can create rooms with out a dedicated server. so if you join a room anyone else can join your room or make there own. Your charcter data for now is stored on your machine.

As of right now this is just UnitZ complied and uploaded for testing. If your interested in playing and learning with us let me know.